Babylon Design School

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Why / What / Who
According to the Book of Genesis, the golden age of the ancient civilization of Babylon declined after God disrupted the language and people could no longer understand one another. The failure of communication led to the collapse of social structures and subsequently of the entire culture.

The whole world is Babylon!
In today’s globalized world inefficient communication and ignorance more than ever are a major source of conflict and trouble. We talk, but we don’t understand. We debate, but we don’t receive the message. We process information, but we don’t comprehend the meaning.

Babylon Design School
is a playground for fantasy, creativity, empathy and passion. The highly transdisciplinary educational concept boosts experimental and above all multi-sensory methods, which train heads, hearts, guts and soals. The goal is to foster peaceful human interaction through art and design.

Elisabeth Kopf, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Babylon Design School was conceived by Elisabeth Kopf within the scope of her design course “Experimental Project Design” at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Collaborative projects with international educational partners and project-related alliances with various experts soon expanded the range of transcultural and transdisciplinary experiences. Design students not only become engaged with designers, but also with artists, scientists, researchers, musicians, philosophers, historians, psychologists, medics, cultural managers, curators, media experts, marketing experts, publishers, editors, producers, and many more. Its wholistic approach constitutes the genuine quality of Babylon Design School.
Redaktion / für den Inhalt verantwortlich: Elisabeth Kopf
Design: Design Buero Baustelle (basierend auf der CI von Gerhard Jordan, Tobias Egger und Käthe Ivansich)
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